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Camp Fire Traditional Club Programs
Camp Fire has two different types of traditional club programs.

  • Classic youth clubs are age-specific and connect youth with caring, trained adults in a small group atmosphere. Clubs meet regularly throughout the year with at least 2 adult leaders for projects and activities. Average club size is 6-15 members.
    • Club Program Levels:
      • Little Stars: preschool
      • Starflight: kindergarten- 2nd grade
      • Adventure: 3rd grade- 5th grade
      • Discovery: 6th grade- 8th grade
      • Horizon: 9th grade- 12th grade
  • Community family clubs consist of entire families attending Camp Fire club meetings together.  There can be a variety of ages of youth and parents would be involved with the group.  Family members are encouraged to participate and support their youth involved in our clubs. Family members become actively engaged and often tell us how much they enjoy connecting with families they would have never met otherwise.

How Does the Club Program Work?
Youth move progressively through Camp Fire’s club according to their grade levels. The club program, which youth may join at any age, offers a mix of fun activities, service projects, events and experiences to help develop planning skills, decision-making skills, and skills related to participants’ individual interests. Clubs are very flexible and can be tailored to fit the interests of each group!

Each Camp Fire club program centers around four important qualities:

1. Progression: As the youth get older, they perform more complex and challenging activities. These activities evolve from developing caring, confident youth in elementary schools to developing leadership in teens.

2. Inclusiveness: The small group program welcomes all youth and adults regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation or any other aspect of diversity.

3. Partnership between youth and adults: Youth and adults together set the direction of Camp Fire activities and accomplishments. They work together in developmental activities and leadership roles.

4. Rewards and recognition: Camp Fire’s club program is geared toward recognizing accomplishments and skill building, and helping both adult volunteers and youth build self-esteem and pride.

Curriculum for each club program level is progressive, outcome-based and centered around five trails. With the outcome-based curriculum of club programs, youth learn to work and play together, and they get involved in service projects, which help them become responsible citizens concerned about their communities and society.

  • The Five Trails: Trail to Knowing Me, Trail to Family and Community, Trail to Environment, Trail to Creativity, Trail to the Future.

What are the Benefits of Camp Fire Club?

When a child is involved in Camp Fire they will be actively learning and engaged in activities, encouraged to learn new skills, feel a part of a group, learn to work in a team setting, participate in planning and goal setting, and make lasting memories.

Camp Fire Traditional Club Programs in Your Area

Although Camp Fire is providing Traditional Club programming to many Kansas City communities, we are not in every community. If you need more information regarding how to start a club click here: how to become a leader FAQ.

Please contact heartland@campfire.org if you have any further questions.