In fact, teachers and counselors surveyed about Camp Fire Conflict Resolution programming reported 100 percent positive responses after working with more than 1,000 youth in 232 sessions for more than 4,000 youth contact hours. That’s meaningful feedback!

Camp Fire’s Conflict Resolution programs provide youth the easily adaptable and age-appropriate tools they’ll need to develop lifelong skills around reducing
and avoiding conflict, while communicating effectively during the conflict itself. Other focus areas that impact conflicts youth may face include digital literacy, safety, and individual rights.

As with all Camp Fire programs, Camp Fire measures what we do. When we say our programs make a difference, we’ve done the surveys to support the pride we feel. Outcomes, as the result of Conflict Resolution programs, included the following:

K–2nd Grade Outcomes: 100% of youth in the programs reported being more sensitive to the feelings of other students. This is 29% higher than the national average. 90% of students surveyed compromised with peers when appropriate, a percentage that is 42% higher than the national average. And 100% of program youth felt more comfortable cooperating with other students, a 24% higher percentage than the national average.

3rd5th Grade Outcomes: Students in the program engaged and participated—at a 10% higher  rate than the national average—with youth they met for the first time.  

6th–12th Grade Outcomes: Camp Fire programs supported a 23% improvement in youth sharing their feelings in a positive way when they were upset.