Woven into every Camp Fire experience is our proven framework for thriving. We call it Thrive{ology}. It’s a research-based, measurable approach to youth development. Created in partnership with the Thrive Foundation for Youth, our approach enables youth to achieve their full potential through four components. One of these components is adoption of a growth mindset—the belief that you can learn new skills all the time. When we see faces light up in recognition that “Yes, I can do that!” “Sure, count me in!” or “I have what I need to become whoever I want to be!” we know our work is making a real difference in young lives.

And when we read of other programs, educators, and child-focused thinkers who are equally committed to encouraging a growth mindset we smile, knowing that yes, it will always take a village.

Take a look at this article applauding Chandni Langford, a fifth-grade teacher in the Woodbury school system in New Jersey, who took a creative approach to calming her students’ jitters before a high stakes exam. Inspiring Teacher

Langford wrote personal notes on each student’s desk (with dry-erase markers), including a donut hole to sweeten the message. According to one of the lucky kids, “When I read the message, my fear went away. I knew I could actually do it.” That’s a growth mindset!

Another article shared the motivating story of Erin Dickson, C.P.C., Certified Professional Life Coach, running up a mountain trail, focused on her speed as she ran. Life Coach Shares Inspiration. When Dickson passed a fellow runner, the slower runner voiced her envy, “I’m not that good!” Dickson turned back to her and shouted, “Yet!” assuring the runner that “yet” was the word to remember. The story concluded with the runner voicing her thanks for the inspiration, after which Dickson fought back her inclination to run over, offer up her coaching services, and say “Oh there’s so much more I need to share with you!” But she didn’t. According to Dickson, “That’s just not the way I am…yet.”