Who doesn’t like a good cookie? Especially when it has a good story attached.  

In 2010 Jonathan and Amy Pitcher founded Bizz & Weezy Confections, all because Jonathan liked to bake and share. When colleagues at his office started asking to purchase the cookies and fudge he baked in his own kitchen, he realized he needed more space. So in 2013 he acquired it—1,800 square feet of professional kitchen.

Thanks to the extra room, Bizz and Weezy’s Confections retail shop now offers eight caramel fudge flavors as well as hand-dipped apples, truffles, turtles, house-made cinnamon rolls, and other tasty pastries.  

On October 26th, at a special after-school Camp Fire event, kids and families had the opportunity to try their own hand at treat creations when the Bizz & Weezy folks helped with a chocolate-making class. The event was held at Banneker Elementary School from 2:00–4:00 p.m. For more information, contact Derek Toms at (816) 285-2026 or