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Summer Day Camp in Kansas City

Camp Lake of the Woods

7310 Oakwood Drive
Kansas City MO 64132 

Cost: 190 per week

June 11-15: ASIA

Ever wonder how sharks can smell blood in the water? What happens to the trash in our ocean? We’ll drive into environmental issues and customs.

June 18-22: EUROPE

Engineer your own castles, read fairy tales, visit famous buildings, do science experiments, and design and build your own Viking ship!

June 25-29: AUSTRALIA

Coral reef, boomerangs, and kangaroos – oh my! Travel down under to learn local slang, create Aboriginal instruments, play traditional games, and experience life as an Aussie.

July 9-13: North America

Travel from Canada to Mexico, explore unique North American inventions like silly putty and solar energy, and traverse the hidden gems of the U.S. National Park!

July 16-20: Middle East

Engage your sense of smell to identify spices, study the ancient pyramids and compete to build your own, and embark on a hieroglyphic scavenger hunt.  We’ll even build homemade kites!

July 23-27: South America

From the Amazon rainforest to the seven species of penguins who call this continent home, we’ll also learn Spanish and about cultural holiday, compete in our own Summer Olympics and more!

July 30-August 3: AFRICA

Come to Africa to see all the animals on the Savanna, experiment with quicksand, learn about the continent’s geology and soil composition, water scarcity, and Africa folk tales!


Camp Lake of the Woods

7310 Oakwood Drive
Kansas City MO 64132



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Camp Fire Youth Day Camps are proudly accredited by the American Camp Association. We’re hiring experienced, caring, and talented summer staff if you, or anyone you know, is interested.


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