Dear Friends of Camp Fire Heartland,


The world feels very different from a week ago, doesn’t it? I think we’re all trying to maintain some sense of normalcy in a situation that doesn’t feel at all normal.

At Camp Fire Heartland, we help young people to find their spark, and then ignite that spark into something that they are truly passionate about. This can’t stop, even in a pandemic. Youth deserve and desire to develop essential skills to navigate the world. In turn, we all benefit.

How have we made this impact?

  • We teach young people anti-bullying techniques and to identify and manage their emotions. (Did you know, these skills better indicate academic success than IQ?)
  • We provide young people with a safe, consistent place to go every day after school where they bond with youth-savvy adults. (Did you know, a stable relationship with a supportive adult promotes unparalleled resiliency in children?)
  • We get young people away from their screens to play outdoors! (Did you know that direct exposure to nature – getting incredibly dirty building shelters, identifying trees, reading maps, and cooking s’mores – is essential for healthy childhood development?)

With the pandemic upon us, the world has changed; how we connect with young people has changed; and how we project the future of our organization has changed.

We owe it to our youth to maintain some normalcy in this abnormal time, and we remain committed to maintaining quality services and consistency for youth. Already, our team is adapting our anti-bullying, social-emotional curriculum for online delivery – an important necessity as kids move online for instruction in addition to social interaction. We are also developing resources for parents, supporting them to regulate their emotions while teaching their kids how to do the same. We’re also knee-deep in planning for this summer’s day camp – and a contingency plan to direct outdoor activities for families if summer “camp” becomes remote.

Camp Fire Heartland needs your financial support now, more than ever.  Please help Camp Fire Heartland navigate through this period of uncertainty and remain strong throughout the pandemic. Every penny counts. Together, with an investment in our youth, we will get through this unfamiliar time. Click here to show your support.

Supporting young people through this scary time is our top priority.  We look forward to a time when we can be socially close again.  Until then, be well.


Erin Balleine

Executive Director

Camp Fire Heartland