Frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups does Camp Fire Heartland serve?

Camp Fire provides programs for children and teens, with an emphasis on youth between the ages of 5 and 14. Family engagement is embedded into many of these programs.

How many youth benefit from Camp Fire Heartland?

Every year Camp Fire directly engages more than 650 youth per year through afterschool programs, summer camps, and clubs.

Is Camp Fire Heartland’s Afterschool program just club programming?

No. Camp Fire Heartland provides afterschool programming, 5 days a week, every day that school is in session. Afterschool programs begin at school dismissal and end at 5:30 or 6:00 pm depending on the site.

How can my child and our family get involved with Camp Fire Heartland?

Please email us at

What schools have Camp Fire Heartland Afterschool Programming?

Citizens of the World Charter School, KIPP Endeavor Academy, Lowell Brune Elementary School, ME Pearson Elementary School, Saint Charles, Saint Therese, and Scuola Vita Nuova Charter School.

Was your organization once called Camp Fire Girls?

Yes, Camp Fire was founded in 1910 as an organization for girls and young women. It was the first nonsectarian organization for girls in the U.S. But as society’s values changed, Camp Fire realized there were many benefits to making the organization even more inclusive. The organization became officially coeducational in 1975.

Today, Camp Fire brings boys and girls together through one organization, where they learn to work together, have fun and appreciate their similarities and differences in positive ways. They understand that people from either gender can be their teachers, coworkers, supervisors, confidantes, coaches, and friends. For families, Camp Fire’s coed programs allow parents to consolidate schedules for both their daughters and their sons. Our current membership is almost equally divided between boys and girls.

Today’s young people and their families often choose Camp Fire specifically because of our legacy and continued practice of diversity and inclusion.

When is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®?

March 15 — celebrated annually in March to coincide (roughly) with Camp Fire’s birthday.

What’s so special about a letter? Does writing a letter really make a difference?

For Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®, a letter is personal, tangible and something a person can hold onto for years to come. Through written words, people can express emotions they may hold back in conversation. And during the often-challenging times of adolescence, children may be more open to reading a letter than having a talk that may “embarrass” them.

The most important thing is communicating the message, not necessarily the format of the message. And while we think a letter serves as a nice lasting reminder, feel free to tweet, post, share, or hashtag it with #AIKD. Because kids and teens need positive reinforcement in their lives. The right words of encouragement can come at just the time when our kids need them most helping them make better decisions, build self-esteem, and even be more compassionate and successful.

What is your goal for Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®?

We want every kid and teen to receive an encouraging note, email, letter, post, tweet, or text.