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Grievance Procedure

Occasionally volunteers or other clientele may question a decision affecting them or have a grievance with a direct delivery staff or another volunteer. Camp Fire Heartland understands this and feels it is important to resolve grievances quickly and appropriately. For this reason, the following process has been developed and applies to all grievances that cannot be solved through direct communication:

  • Volunteer – Volunteer grievance
    • Discuss the grievance with the Director of Heartland. The Director will take the necessary actions to mediate and assist the parties in resolving the grievance.
  • Volunteer – Direct Delivery Staff grievance
    • Direct Delivery staff and volunteers should attempt to resolve grievances at the appropriate level. This means that there should be minimal staff involvement.
    • The parties in grievance should meet with the Director of Heartland to resolve the grievance. If, after attempting all other means to resolve a grievance or situation, a volunteer may choose to file a grievance with the COO.
  • Direct Delivery Staff grievance
    • Volunteers or clients will contact the Director of Heartland to discuss the grievance at hand.

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